My name is Robin Domenici and along with my husband, Nick started

Rand Home Concierge Services. 

For over 25 years, in Albany, New York, we were in the dry-cleaning and restoration business. We would prepare homes that had smoke, water, or mold damage. Restoration included packing,  cleaning, and sanitizing. Working hand in hand with the customer till the job was completed. After moving to Florida, we realized there was a need for helping others who were relocating. So, we took the knowledge and experience we learned from our dry cleaning and restoration business, and expanded into Rand Home Concierge Services.

Helping people settle into a new lifestyle, whether downsizing to a smaller home, moving out of state, or into independent living is our number one priority. We coordinate with family members who may have lost someone dear to them.  We give them peace of mind knowing that their loved ones cherished belongings are in good hands.

When COVID-19 struck we knew we needed to do something to help keep our customers safe and invested in Covid Electrostatic equipment to ensure a safe and clean environment.